Dec 162011

How to increase your sales

Are you making the most of the sales opportunities open to you and your business?  It’s a well known psychological fact that once a buyer’s resistance has been breached by them agreeing to purchase one item they are then more open to buying something else – and that’s where you can take advantage.

The most famous user of this tactic is McDonalds and their “do you want fries with that?” but it can work for anyone so why not think about how you could use it in your business?

Ideally, the thing you offer to accompany the initial purchase should be less expensive as the psychology works best when the buyer perceives the additional purchase as something relatively trivial (you’ve just agreed to a $35,000 auto, what difference is a $500 stereo upgrade going to make?).

People also use this tactic quite effectively when advertising their business by offering a secondary – but related – product for free when advertising the main item.

The way you offer the secondary purchase can also make a difference to how well or easily it is accepted.  A smart sales person will always be able to suggest items that will go with or enhance the main buy but there is another trick you can also use which the customer will appreciate too and that’s the use of a checklist.

How many times have you bought something and then got home, all excited, only to find that you’re missing a vital accessory to make it work?  Imagine you’re at a store and have just purchased a new TV or stereo.  How would you feel if the assistant then said “sir, before you make your final purchase, let’s just check that you have everything you need” and then proceeds to use a checklist to ensure you have the right leads, batteries, etc etc.  As a customer you feel that you’re being looked after and as a sales assistant the chances are you will be able to interest the customer in an additional purchase; it’s a win win.

So, if you take running your business seriously then have a serious look at where you can add to your bottom line by creating some add on sale situations.