Dec 142011

Do you know what your customers really think about you?

When you’re starting a small business one of the best ways to get feedback is to ask questions of your customers. Not only does this make the customers feel they are valued and being listened to but it also provides you with a huge amount of data that can be very useful for improving your business in many ways. For example, if you know who your customers view as your main competitor then you can target your marketing effort to showing people how or why you’re better than the opposition. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Some top tips on working out your true costs.

When you’re running a small business money is often tight so you need to make sure that every penny counts and that you’re making profit on every sale.  But sometimes keeping track of your profit/loss on a sale can be difficult or confusing.  Here are some ideas to help keep on top of things. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Is now really the right time for you to start a small business?

When you’re thinking of starting a business there is a huge amount of information available on the net to explain the technical aspects of setting up a business. But there’s one crucial area of starting up that isn’t covered in quite so much detail and that is the timing of the start up when should you go live with your small business? Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Question: how should you run a small business?

Answer: like a big one.

Most small business that are started don’t get beyond the 3-5 year point.  Many of those that do are still struggling along with only one or two employees and not making much profit.  Why does this happen?  Because the business owner hasn’t started and run the business with the right mentality and goal. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

The alternatives to starting a small business from scratch

Ok, so you’re planning on leaving the world of working for someone else and you’re going to set up on your own. The next question is what are you going to do and how?

There are two main alternatives to starting a business from scratch and here they are. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Want to start a small business?  Thought about a franchise business?

Buying a franchise is something that is often forgotten when people are thinking about starting a small business. It seems like, in the mind of some people, it’s ‘cheating’ because you get help from the franchisor, or they fear that it’s not really their business because someone else came up with the idea or the product. But think about it this way: Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Thinking of starting a business?  Here are some questions to ask yourself before you do.

Am I running away from something or towards something?

Very often people start their own business as a result of something negative that happened to them in the employed world. They may have been made redundant, fallen out with their boss, their career has stalled or they’re just not be enjoying their job and more. This is what I term running away. Continue reading »

Dec 132011

Here’s the reason why most small businesses fail

One of the main reasons people start a small business is because they’re tired of working for someone else and think that they can do better.  And herein lies a problem with many small businesses… Continue reading »

Dec 132011

Running a business can be easy – if you do it right

Running a business is like anything else in life – there is the right way and the wrong way. Run the business the right way and life will be a lot easier and you will be able to achieve more. Here are three simple tips that will help you make the business run the way you want it to and not the other way around! Continue reading »