Dec 162011

Daily meetings are important for the efficient functioning of your business

You do have one, don’t you…?  Look at any thriving company and you will see a daily routine that includes a daily get together to catch up on progress.  But it’s not enough just to have a meeting – it needs to be run and structured properly if it is to be effective rather than just a talking shop.  Here are a few tips.


Either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening so that the flow of business is not interrupted.  Be a little bit creative with the timing.  Most meetings start on the hour, quarter or half so make this different – say 10 minutes to the hour (with the stated aim to be complete by the hour).


Some of the most effective start the day meetings I’ve seen are those held away from normal meeting rooms and where people can’t get too comfortable.  Have a whiteboard or similar in an open space where there’s enough room for everyone but no chairs.  Use the board as a focus for the meeting with agenda and simple briefing information.


As many people as sensible.  Don’t limit it to your key managers or supervisors; the workers also need to know what’s going on and this is a great way to keep them informed.

Who runs it?

Anyone apart from the boss!  Find someone who is structured, organized and who can keep the moving flowing by stopping others from rambling (“Ok, enough; take that offline after the meeting”).


The agenda should be exactly the same every day and should be short and simple.  First, a quick report back from key players on what’s happening in their area.  This is followed by a review of the company’s key measurements from your “Dashboard”.  Finally, a quick review of which parts of the business have a problem or are stuck with something.  This is not to try and solve the problem there and then but just to put the issue into the minds of everyone to then solve elsewhere.

If you’re running your business properly this will be one of the key weapons in your armory; it will help you keep on top of what’s happening in the business, keep everyone alert and aligned to the bigger picture and give you that edge over your competitors.