Dec 142011

Advertising your business does not need to be a chore.

As you build up your business the chances are that you will be advertising your business in a number of different places, using different marketing and different media. How do you keep on top of everything? The answer is simple by using a default diary and setting up a system.

Default diary

A default diary is something that every business should have; if I was to put together a how to run a business book then default diary would be up there in the top ten tips. Basically, you take the working week and you list out all the tasks you need to do every week and then add them into the default diary at appropriate times. By doing this you achieve two things first, you never forget the things that need doing regularly, and second, you can stop worrying about one doing one thing while you’re doing another because you know it’s in the plan to do at some stage later in the week.

So, from the advertising perspective you would probably set aside a block of a few hours, or even a full morning or afternoon if you’re doing lots of advertising, and aim to complete all your tasks in that period. By doing everything at one time you will be a lot more efficient than doing a bit here and a bit there two hours of focus is much more productive than 4 half hours split across a few days.

Develop a system

Because you’re doing everything in one chunk you can develop a system. The system should be like a check list that ensures that you do all that is required, in the right order and don’t miss out any crucial steps. It also ensures that when you get someone else in the office to help out they can take on the task and don’t need to keep bothering you to find out what to do they just follow the system.

The system will cover all you need to do from designing the ad through to calling the advertising company, paying for it and conducting the testing and measuring. If you’re going to advertise a business then testing and measuring is absolutely vital otherwise you have no idea how successful your ads are.  your system will also then input into your business dashboard which helps you to keep track of how well your business is doing.

By combining a default diary and a system approach to advertising your business you will soon start to see the benefits. No longer will you be forgetting what to do, or worrying about when to do them and instead you’ll be marveling at how much more efficient you have become!