Dec 152011

Subtle differences can make a big difference to your advertising success

Have a look at these two advert headlines and think about what makes them different:

“Ten reasons why you need to buy a new car”.

“Ten reasons why you should buy your new car from Jim’s Autos”.

In the first headline your advert is not targeting anyone in particular, you are just trying to put the idea into people’s minds that they need a new car.  In the second headline you are much more specific because you are targeting only those people who have already decided to buy a new car – all they need to do now is decide where from, and you’re helping provide that answer.

The difference may seem quite subtle but it’s also quite powerful and a great way to advertise your business.  People who are looking to buy a new car will consciously and subconsciously be attracted to reading your advert and your conversion rate is likely to be higher as a result.

This technique is called “skimming the cream” and is used quite regularly by the big ad agencies.

This technique also helps you when writing the ad because you don’t have to waste time and space persuading people to buy, you can concentrate on giving them the reasons why you’re the natural choice.

Once you’ve used the technique a few times you can also start to refine it and take it a step further.  You might focus down to cars in a particular price bracket, or different types of car (saloon, SUV etc).  Just be aware that the more targeted the ad the fewer enquiries you will get; this will be offset by the fact that the enquiries are more targeted but there is a balance to be struck and you will find this by testing and measuring the success of your ads over a period of time.

When you’re busy running a business the last thing you want are people diverting you away from making a profit  and the great advantage of this sort of ad is you don’t get so many time wasters.  If people respond then they’re interested in buying the product from you.  All you need to do is close the sale.