Dec 162011

Daily meetings are important for the efficient functioning of your business

You do have one, don’t you…?  Look at any thriving company and you will see a daily routine that includes a daily get together to catch up on progress.  But it’s not enough just to have a meeting – it needs to be run and structured properly if it is to be effective rather than just a talking shop.  Here are a few tips. Continue reading »

Dec 152011

How to maximize your productivity

If you were given $86,400 and told you had to spend it today or lose it, the chances are you would spend it all on things you wanted.  However, translate that $86,400 into seconds (that equates to the number of seconds in a day) and the chances are that you either spend a lot of those seconds doing stuff you don’t want to do or you waste them by not doing anything at all. Continue reading »