Dec 162011

Tom Hopkins is a master salesman and here’s his advice on selling

There are thousands of different sales tips and techniques out there; some of them are very hard sell, some are focused primarily on specific sales areas like door to door or car sales.  One question I’m often asked by clients is “What sales techniques work?” and one of the best and most effective sales techniques I have come across that is useful in all areas of sales is by Tom Hopkins, which he covers in his book ‘Sell it today, sell it now’. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

How to increase your sales

Are you making the most of the sales opportunities open to you and your business?  It’s a well known psychological fact that once a buyer’s resistance has been breached by them agreeing to purchase one item they are then more open to buying something else – and that’s where you can take advantage. Continue reading »

Dec 152011

If you ask the average business owner what their sales conversion rate is the chances are you will get a blank look in response to the question or you will get a figure about 4-5 times higher than what it really is.  Why is that?  Because most small business owners don’t measure it or use a sales funnel to help them identify where they’re going right or wrong in the sales process. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

A business dashboard lets you know what’s going on in your company

When you’re driving along in your car how do you know that everything is ok with the car?  You look at the dashboard – speed ok, enough fuel for the journey, engine temperature in the green.  At a glance you can see everything is fine and then turn your attention back to the road ahead. How do you think your business might benefit from a similar dashboard so that you could see at a glance that all was ok and then concentrate again on building profit?  If you want to run a good business then developing a dashboard is a key requirement. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Top tips for making the sale

Getting people through the door of your shop or on to your website is only half the battle; getting them to buy – converting them from prospects to customers is what adds money to our bottom line.

There are hundreds of ways of improving your conversion rates but I’ve chosen just three here to give you an idea of the sort of thing you can do to get you started. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Do you know what your customers really think about you?

When you’re starting a small business one of the best ways to get feedback is to ask questions of your customers. Not only does this make the customers feel they are valued and being listened to but it also provides you with a huge amount of data that can be very useful for improving your business in many ways. For example, if you know who your customers view as your main competitor then you can target your marketing effort to showing people how or why you’re better than the opposition. Continue reading »