Dec 222011

Starting a small business on the right footing from the beginning

If you’re thinking of starting a small business, have you thought about where you want it (and you) to be in 3 years’ time? Five years? Ten years? It may seem like a minor thing now but it’s really important to think about this because it will affect many aspects of how you develop your business. Continue reading »

Dec 162011

Why business management is important

I’m a strong supporter of the writings and thoughts of Michael Gerber and his ‘E-Myth’ concept regarding small businesses.  One of the reasons I think he’s right in what he says is during my many years of coaching I’ve seen the proof.  I’ve seen technicians start small businesses thinking their technical skills will get them through, only to find they’re soon struggling because they have no skills at managing a small business. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Advertising your business does not need to be a chore.

As you build up your business the chances are that you will be advertising your business in a number of different places, using different marketing and different media. How do you keep on top of everything? The answer is simple by using a default diary and setting up a system. Continue reading »

Dec 142011

Want to start a small business?  Thought about a franchise business?

Buying a franchise is something that is often forgotten when people are thinking about starting a small business. It seems like, in the mind of some people, it’s ‘cheating’ because you get help from the franchisor, or they fear that it’s not really their business because someone else came up with the idea or the product. But think about it this way: Continue reading »