Dec 142011

Top tips for making the sale

Getting people through the door of your shop or on to your website is only half the battle; getting them to buy – converting them from prospects to customers is what adds money to our bottom line.

There are hundreds of ways of improving your conversion rates but I’ve chosen just three here to give you an idea of the sort of thing you can do to get you started.

Make it easy for them to buy.

This is actually a mix of strategies so can make a huge difference. How many times have you not bought something because it all just became too difficult? Masses of registration information on a website. No-one around in the store to ask a question. Pricing not clear. Don’t take credit cards for payment. Don’t do home delivery. The reasons are endless and with every one you’re missing a sale. So, have your team look around your business to see where the bumps in the conversion rate road are and smooth them out.

Create great offers.

Sometimes it takes just a little nudge to knock people over the edge to purchasing something and very often it’s something really small. It needs to be is something that makes the prospect feel like they’re getting a good deal and it needs to be something that you sell that is low in monetary value but high in perceived value. For example, if someone is buying a designer suit you might throw in a leather belt or some cuff links; if someone is buying a new car it might be a free tank of gas. Putting a time limit on the offer can really help too “buy this dining set today and we will give you a set of top quality table mats – FREE!”

Sales scripts and asking for the sale.

If you’re going to run a business successfully you need sales scripts. They are one of the best ways to make sales because they add structure to the sales process which makes it repeatable and that in turn means increased sales. One of the best reasons for buying a franchise is that they will usually have developed very good sales scripts for you to use because they know how important they are. If you’re running your own small business then develop your own natural sales scripts that follow a pattern to build rapport, understand what the prospect is looking for so that the sales person can then offer alternatives, before ASKING FOR THE SALE. This last bit is so important but so often missed. If the proper sales process is used asking for the sale should be easy.

A final point.

There’s no use doing any of this unless you test and measure the results. If you don’t know how well (or badly) you’re doing there’s no way you can improve. If you’re going to run a business properly this is a fundamental requirement – don’t avoid it.