Dec 142011

Flyers are old school advertising but they still work

Whether you’re buying a franchise or starting a business from scratch you need to advertise but advertising can cost money and very often you don’t know which adverts are working and which aren’t. There is, however, a good cheap way to advertise your business and that’s through flyers; here’s why you should be using them.

They’re cheap

You can get thousands of flyers made up for pennies per sheet. That means that you can afford to be extravagant about how many you get printed up and you’ll need to get lots done because a flyer ad campaign relies on big numbers. Research indicates that a flyer campaign will get a return of somewhere between 2% and 5% (ie for every flyer delivered between 2 and 5 people will go on to buy from you). This may seem small but the maths will still work if done properly.

They can be well targeted

Unlike the internet, flyers are obviously a very local way of advertising and you can take advantage of this. Flyers are usually delivered by hand, either by yourself or by using kids to help out or by piggybacking on local delivery companies. This means you can be selective about how they’re dropped. If you’re selling a high class product then you can just deliver flyers to the more affluent neighborhoods in the area. If you’re a gardening business then only to the houses with gardens (particularly the untidy ones!)

Easy to test and measure

To make sure your advertising is working you should always be testing and measuring your flyers. This involves designing different versions of the ads and keeping a record of how well each one does. You can also test and measure district against district, flyer size or color – anything that you think will improve the success rate. Because flyers are cheap and many will be designed by yourself it’s easy to make these changes so that you can keep honing in on the best design and offer.


The cost to start a small business can be quite eye watering, leaving you with little money to spend on advertising when you need it most. Flyers are a great way to cut your teeth on advertising your new small business and should always be considered as one of your key marketing strategies